Enough for today. When you should stop trading in Quotex?

Enough for today. When you should stop trading in Quotex?

You have probably started trading business thinking about thousands of dollars in your account shortly. You hope for one good transaction that will bring you wealth fast and easily. And that you can multiply a small capital to a fortune.

Well, if these are some of your thoughts, that is totally okay. But do not fall into a trap of opening numerous transactions just to recover losses or to earn high profit in a single day. This is an often mistake not only beginners make. Professionals occasionally make it too.

There are emotions behind such decisions. Emotions tell you to enter the market again and again, even if you know the situation is not quite favorable. So the question is when is the right time to stop trading for today?

Enough for today. Psychology in trading

Spending long hours in front of the computer can be exhausting. Monitoring the movement of the prices, waiting for the signals from the indicators, and following their own trades requires a lot of attention. And when you are tired, you are not able to think clearly. This is why you must learn the skill of saying this is enough for today.

Enough for today. When you should stop trading in Quotex?
Loosing too much leads to frustration

Emotions in trading

When you focus only on gaining high profits, but you experience one loss after another, you may feel frustration, fear, and anxiety. But these emotions are bad advisors. The same way greed, overconfidence, stubbornness, or excitement will not do any good for your performance.

You should understand yourself in the first place. Know your reactions, your strong and weak sides. This will help you to avoid any losses.

Enough for today. When you should stop trading in Quotex?
You don’t have a magic wand so trading is not an easy way to make money

Create a trading plan

A fortune will not come to you in a single day as if by a magic wand. You need to build a solid trading plan and work through it. You need to put greed aside and prepare for slow progress. Adjust the plan along the way. It is not possible to conduct only winning transactions.

What will you do when the transaction ends up losing? Will you dwell on it for a long time or will you learn a lesson and check what went wrong?

A successful trader takes advantage of the lost trades. He analyses them and improves the tactic for the future. Accept the fact that losses will occur. Learn something from them and keep going.

Do not overtrade

As I have already mentioned, you ought to develop a good trading plan. You do not have to sit in front of your desk all day long. You do not have to enter a lot of transactions in one session.

More important is to open a position when the chances of winning are high. And with a good plan, just a few transactions may bring better results than overtrading.

Enough for today. When you should stop trading in Quotex?
Greed will not make you rich

Do not become a trading addict

Addiction is dictated by emotions. Either you want to see how the money in your account grows, or you need to recover losses immediately. Both ways can lead to losing control and exposing yourself to the unnecessary risk of depleting the account.

So when you hold a plan in a hand, and it requires that you spend only 2 hours in the market per day, stick to it. Stop when the time is over and leave it for the next session.

Enough for today. When you should stop trading in Quotex?
Don’t get addicted to trading

Final words

Knowing yourself is crucial when it comes to the trading business. You can use your strengths as well as your weaknesses to your advantage.

Keep emotions in check. Do not trade when you feel your concentration fades away.

Develop a trading plan and follow it. Stop trading according to it, no matter you end up winning or losing. Tomorrow is another day.

Make use of the wonderful feature that Quotex has in its offer. It is called a free demo account and is rechargeable with virtual cash. Try a new approach there, test your strategy, and get to know indicators well before you move to the live Quotex account.

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